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What is your favourite vegan recipe? I'm looking for some new inspiration :)
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Cashew butter noodles an adaptation from thug kitchen Baked sweet potatoes topped with “chorizo” walnut meat, seasoned black beans, quinoa, guac, pico, and cilantro cashew crema Sweet potato steel cut oats (coconut milk, vanilla extract, maple syrup, earth balance, water, sweet potatoes) Trini corn soup And honestly… if you haven’t tried carrot dogs… when you make them at home they’re literally so good

They all sound great :D I don't suppose you have the recipes? X

The cashew noodles I just swapped the nut butters in the original recipe from thug kitchen and season the tempeh while it’s sauteeing Baked sweet potatoes not exactly a recipe…. Baked sweet potatoes till they’re cooked pop one of them bad boys open and top it You can make the walnut meat from scratch or use tofu or soyrizo or grounds or whatever, chili powder, cayenne, a lil acv, nooch, garlic powder, onion powder, Bragg/coconut aminos, salt and pepper Beans… however you like beans… garlic, onion, bell pepper, cilantro, cumin, coriander, salt and pepper Quinoa or rice or any other grain up your alley… a lil olive oil, salt, pepper, lime, cilantro (all added after rice has been steamed) Cashew crema… soaked cashew, salt, pepper, lime, and water Trini corn soup is like a split pea soup with dumplings corn and carrots the key to me is the green seasoning which I’ve always been hooked up with The oatmeal I like to make at night in a crockpot so it’s ready for morning

Or do you mean like measurements and times and stuff? Because I don’t know lmaoooo i just let my ancestors guide me

This is the best meal I've had in a while - we used normal feta but I'm sure be great with vegan feta too. Also the pearl barley risotto from Deliciously Ella is fantastic Turmeric pasta from Deliciously Ella BBC sausage lentil simmer using veggie sausages 🤌🏼

Oh and this was absolutely amazing - again we used normal cream cheese but I'm sure be the same with vegan cream cheese -

@Asha Thanks, I'm trying the cashew noodles tonight xx

@Ellie Thanks, I'll be sure to look into those :)

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