Pilates and HIIT workouts?

What are your opinions on Pilates and HIIT workouts? Do you love them or not? Do they work for you or not? I don’t know much about either and I’m curious 🧐
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Love both!

Can’t answer about HIIT, but I do Pilates one day per week and I love it. I’d probably do more days if there was availability, but in lieu I do Barre twice a week on top of that which I absolutely love! Noticeable results, I feel great and I’m staying in shape. I’m 21 weeks tomorrow! Highly recommend whatever you can do and make a schedule to stay consistent.

Love both! You can find great workouts for both on YouTube to try before considering paying for classes

I prefer "monster set" workouts but I enjoy more of the body building/muscle toning side of working out 😊 HIIT is great if you want to use weights (or body weight) and incorporate cardio into your lifting to help with cardiovascular health. These workout are great for those who's goals are weight loss, cardiovascular improvement, etc. Pilates is challenging in a completely different kind of way. It involves placing your body in a sequence of positions/movements that you move your body through at a semi quick pace. Think yoga but with a lot more movement and a lot less rest time in between positions. Will definitely get your heart rate up and uses body weight (and sometimes additional weights/equipment).

I do both but I also do whatever makes me happy. I used to love Tracy Anderson (I know, absurd but it made me happy) and now I’m more into LEKFit.

I prefer weight training and some walking for cardio. it allows me to be intentional about working one muscle group at a time & allows me to prioritize core engagement.

I love both. I actually just finished an at home Pilates workout! 💖

Like HIIT workouts and weight training. I get bored doing Pilates 😅

Pilates did amazing things to my body !! I began to lean out beautifully. I think I will begin incorporating it again come summer time. However, I decided to go back to strictly gym workouts, and now I’m bulking and lifting heavy so I’m not really lean anymore, just getting bigger everywhere with the help of creatine and protein. 😂🍑 which I also am loving!

I’m 4 weeks PP and returned to Pilates yesterday, I loved it . I was the only one in the class so I was able to get 1o1 help with pelvic floor stretches and core strength

I love hiit and find them very fun and effective :)

Love both! And strength training! I never recomment just static state cardio for getting in shape as you keep high body fat and lost muscle that way even if looking thin.

Love both, pilates is so good for your core and pelvic floor

HIIT workouts are great for boosting metabolism and getting stronger and losing weight more effectively

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