Physical exercise during TWW

Hey girls, do you avoid any activity during the TWW, or refrain from exercise. I have trying to atleast walk 30 mins everyday, but I am keeping myself away from any lifting any weights or exercise. Unsure if that even helps 😔
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I've also been wanting to ask the same question 🙈 I walk 7km a day to drop my son off and to go to work etc but also been avoiding the gym and weight lifting 😬

I don’t think it helps. If your body wants to be pregnant this time around then it will be but exercise won’t do anything for or against it

Exercising won't hurt your chances of getting pregnant. My ob said that I could do all physical activity like lifting weights until 12 weeks pregnant. So exercising won't increase your chances of an early miscarriage.

Do what you would normally do! I’m a personal trainer and am currently training 4 pregnant women who trained all through TTC and through pregnancy! If anything, it can help to stay active. Just don’t go super hard or do anything too out of your norm, that would put your body under a lot of stress.

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