Any runners?

Hi ladies looking to get a group of ladies to do runs /walks with plus could be a great way to meet new friends. It would be in the East valley. I should say I’m not a professional 😂 and started running about 2 years ago. Planning to do a 10k and maybe half marathon down the road. So I’m still fresh🫠.
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@Faith yay! I’m thinking Saturday runs? What day work best for you?

Saturdays work for me 😊

Oh my gosh yes me too!

when you say east valley what area are you thinking?

@raven out towards Apache Junction, Mesa, Gilbert area

I live off Guadalupe and 202 area

@Bri oh nice ok not far from me about 15ish minutes.

I would love to join but i live in avondale so if i had a time and place i should be able to show, is our babies allowed or moms only?

I’m in Chandler!

Awesome! I’ll have to see what’s middle point so we can all meet. Right now that it’s not to warm yet thinking maybe like 7-8am? Any other times you guys interested in?

Anything evening?

Yeah we could always plan for something like that.

I am always available on nights after 7 and on weekends after 4. I am barely starting again.

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