Purchasing donor sperm

My husband and I are looking at purchasing donor sperm from London sperm bank or a European sperm bank. Our clinic recommends we get MOT 20+. We noticed that it wasn’t available for IVF/ICSI but available for IUI. We were wondering why, and if anyone has any tips or advice? Thank you.x.
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Assuming it’s similar to US banks, the amounts available to purchase and options are different for each donor, so I think it may just depend on how much that person donated and how it was prepared(frozen)

You only meed MOT20 for iui for ivf/icsi you need MOT5 or 10 X

Are you with the NHS or a private clinic? IUI uses motility 20+ motility because it requires good motility to ensure the sperm travels up when inseminated. Where are as IVF/ICSI the sperm is placed close to the egg or injected directly in to the egg so motility does not need to be so high. If you are doing IVF/ICSI you do not need 20+.

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