Implantation or PMS?

All symptoms started today at 8DPO: -low abdominal cramps, similar to period cramps but more intense -intense lower back pain that spreads to thighs -nausea including being sick in my mouth (gross) -bloating -fatigue -migraines (I do suffer from these a lot but this started 2 days ago) -heartburn (I never get this) I’m reluctant to test as it’s too early.. usually I don’t get period pains, just light cramps sometimes - period is not due for 7 more days so even still, it’s pretty early for me to be getting PMS symptom. Had unprotected sex roughly 36 hours prior to ovulation this cycle.
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It's difficult to know at this early stage. A quality magnesium supplement may be helpful regardless. Magnesium chloride is likely best for this. I'd still recommend waiting until 12DPO to test as this gives you the best chance at seeing an accurate result. Sending baby dust! Keep us updated 💖

Any update ?

@Keari hey!! Yes I am pregnant 😍😍😇

When did you receive your positive test

Congratulations!!! 🎉 I'm currently 9 dpo and I have a little spotting and AF isn't due for another week

I was scared but I think I'm going to buy a test for tomorrow

Congratulations! I love to see positive pregnancy tests! 💕 how are you feeling?

@Christie thank you ☺️

@Keari any update? ✨

Hey congratulations on your BFP. Did you get lower abdominal pain like period pain during the ttc around 3dpo? Xx

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