Avacado recipes, please x
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You can blend avocados with olive oil, garlic, bit of seasoning like salt, pepper and smoked paprika and use that as a pasta sauce! I add water to thin it down a little as it can be quite thick

@Nikita thank you I will give that ago tomorrow night x

@Lena you’re welcome! It works well with a tagliatelle type pasta or a small shell pasta like a macaroni for example. Bacon bits go fabulous on top too 🙈

@Nikita what pasta dose your little one manage? We've not tried pasta yet. Ohh it sounds good with the bacon bits. I love a good pasta dish x

@Lena We’ve given her fusilli and penne, I normally just cut it up into smaller bits! However, she does really really love her food and has been on solids for a while now. If you are worried your little one isn’t ready for it yet, just make it for yourself hehe🤪

Pancakes: avocado mashed, egg, flour and drop of milk Pasta sauce: olive oil, lemon juice, milk, pinch of salt Mashed on toast/crumpets too

@Nikita hahaha I think I will. I'm not sure how he will mange pasta but he dose need to try it x

@Em thank-you. We do it mashed on toast a lot think he's bored of it but loves avacado x

@Lena pancakes are honestly a winner, my little girl can’t get enough of them 😂 plus they make the avocado go way further so it’s a bit more cost effective 🙏

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