Why is today lighter ?

1 a day over the last 4 days. I am about 17dpo. Yesterdays was super duper dark and it was with my 3rd wee of the day and I did t drink THAT much water for this mornings urine to be diluted. I’m worried.
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I had the same thing around 6 weeks, I thought for definite something was wrong. I went for an early scan at around 7 weeks and 4 days and saw a perfect little baby with a heartbeat! The tests are designed to tell you you’re pregnant not for line progression. Once you start producing too much HCG the tests will start to get lighter xx

I had the same I found testing in the evening about the same time worked for me for some reason my tests were light in the morning x

I found the easy at home so stressful 🤣 the ones from bnm were far better for me overall .. takes ages to get a dye stealer with easy at home I gave up with them 🫢 xx

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