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Sleeping Charming

My son is 10 months, and due to unforeseen circumstances he’s been sleeping in my bed with me since he was 3 months. Now we’re finally in a better situation again and I’m going to try the big shift to the crib. I need some pointers and suggestions for things that have worked for other moms in making it an easier transition than I fear it’s going to be. No cry it out method though. Thank you.
Sleeping Charming

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2 years ago

For my son we have his favorite movie moana on to help fall asleep he loves the music. Also he has a hatch rest light, and even star light if he’s extra difficult.

3 years ago

Ok mine is 2.5 months and right now ge co sleeps with me cause i am packing to go back to where my husband is stationed at and when we get there he will have is own crib but it will be in our room and i would like some ideas for transitioning from my chest to crib and he is very dependent on a binky too right now especially cold ones cause he is teething

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3 years ago

Both mine slept with me until I stopped feeding around 1 yr. I did cry it out but in short stints literally put them into cot left for a minute then 2 then 3. Only left them about 3 mins max just kept going in and saying mummy’s here go to sleep. Took my girl 5 nights took my boy 3 I think.

3 years ago

Start with nap time first, if he can learn to sleep in the crib at nap time then it'll make it easier at bedtime.

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