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  • a month ago

Sleeping Charming

My son is 10 months, and due to unforeseen circumstances he’s been sleeping in my bed with me since he was 3 months. Now we’re finally in a better situation again and I’m going to try the big shift to the crib. I need some pointers and suggestions for things that have worked for other moms in making it an easier transition than I fear it’s going to be. No cry it out method though. Thank you.
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  • 6 days ago

One thing that helps us is to play a little before bed and cuddle with in the kid's bed (we skipped the crib and went to toddler bed mattress on the floor before then going to the mattress on its frame). This way after kiddo falls asleep they can get up and play in their room if they wake up or can come in our room if Mama or Dada are needed. We still get to be there at night if needed, but everyone gets more sleep and is happier in the morning. If you do this, ya gotta babyproof all of babies room, cause they got access.

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If you want to stop bed sharing so you can get better sleep (or another reason) and you don't want your child bawling for you and not understanding why you aren't coming (or whatever other reason you might not want to do cry it out), there's not quite as much in useful suggestions. I've done bed-sharing, and then when a kid is big enough and active enough wanted to stop (before my kid wants to stop) and I need my sleep to be able to better care for 'em when they are awake. I have to care for myself to be able to care for 'em and plus they get better sleep also.

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My son slept with us for a month and I never really had to do anything.

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I used "Good Night, Sleep Tight" by "The Sleep Lady" with both of my sons. There's a book & a workbook. You can totally get just the workbook, since it includes a condensed version of the text.

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  • 10 days ago

Taking cara babies worked great for our third son! He sleeps 11 hours in his crib with 1 dream feed at 6 months old.

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