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  • 3 months ago

Sleeping Charming

My son is 10 months, and due to unforeseen circumstances he’s been sleeping in my bed with me since he was 3 months. Now we’re finally in a better situation again and I’m going to try the big shift to the crib. I need some pointers and suggestions for things that have worked for other moms in making it an easier transition than I fear it’s going to be. No cry it out method though. Thank you.
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  • a month ago

Both mine slept with me until I stopped feeding around 1 yr. I did cry it out but in short stints literally put them into cot left for a minute then 2 then 3. Only left them about 3 mins max just kept going in and saying mummy’s here go to sleep. Took my girl 5 nights took my boy 3 I think.

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Start with nap time first, if he can learn to sleep in the crib at nap time then it'll make it easier at bedtime.

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You could start with a pack n play in your room and then when he’s consistently sleeping in that move to the crib. Or put a bed in the nursery and sleep next to him while he’s in the crib

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The pack n play suggestion next to my side of the bed (in addition to noise machine) is exactly what we did to start, and our little guy transitioned to his crib no problem after a month.

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I did next to me, then cot in same room them his own room Each time there was an adjustment period which at times felt like stepping backwards but not he naps and sleeps like a log in his own room.

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When my son was that young i let him sleep with me and when i knew he was asleep i would put him in his crib and turn on his mobile that played music and he stayed asleep til like 4 a.m.

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