kindergarten Early Entrance

Anyone thinking about trying for kindergarten early entrance? I know this topic is so controversial because they say “ the older the better”
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I actually am my son is going to be taking a test to see if he’s even ready and if he’s ready then they will accept him early. His birthday is in December.

Nope. I want to make sure my son is ready developmentaly (social, emotional, cognitive). How he would test now would be so different from how he would be or perform come school time. I want him to be at his best. I don't want him pressured or overly challenged or placed on a pedestal or used as the bar for other students because of his age. There is an age cut off for a reason. I want him to be a good size for sports or activities too. I also don't see the merit in him graduating at 17 years old.

My husband and I are on opposite sides. I say no; he says yes. I feel academically he is ready but not mature enough. I take my kids to do activities at the library and we go to the park as often as we can.

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