Late period

My LO was born august 2023. He was exclusively bf and my periods returned 2 months after. They were a bit all over the place but since the start of the year were fairly consistent. I have now introduced bottles throughout the day so significantly reduced how much I bf however my period now seems to have stopped? I’ve taken a test which was negative so I’m just a bit confused as to what’s going on
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So I experienced this after my second daughter was born I found out I have PCOS which is not always the case it could just be stressed it could be hormones it could be whatever but I would definitely go talk to a doctor and get a opinion about it

I noticed my PCOS got worse after both my kids were born cuz my periods were all over the place and then they suddenly stopped and it freaked me out cuz I kept thinking I was pregnant and then it come up negative and it was stressful it literally I started losing my hair I stopped eating and I got told it was just my PCOS my testosterone levels were higher than my estrogen levels and they put me on birth control to stabilize my hormones

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