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Her period is 47 days late but she is nursing heavily. Can this cause a change in period hormones? She took multiple test in February that were negative. She heard that nursing can cause a stop of periods or change in hormones that can cause pauses in periods? She gonna do another test tomorrow.
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I’ve heard that breastfeeding can pause your period. Some women don’t get them back until they are done nursing. I got mine about 2.5 months postpartum and was exclusively BF. So it’s not the same for everyone. Contact her OB if she’s concerned.

How long post partum? I didnt have a period until I quit breastfeeding at like 14 months PP.

Thank you all so much. Her baby is 5 months and she hasn’t had a period in the last 47 days but she tested in February and tested again yesterday and it is still negative.

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