Missed period

I need advice! I have missed my period in march back in April I had two positive test and so I had a blood drawl done and it was negative a month later still no period and negative test now. I have mucusy discharge have had Brest pain since February but I’m at a loss any advice?
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When I got pregnant with my first pregnancy I tested negative for 6 straight weeks after being late. Eventually I did test positive but ended up having an early miscarriage because the egg fertilized but never implanted. Since it never implanted that’s why my hormones were so low and it took so long to test negative.

I’m definitely not saying it will end in miscarriage by any means, I should have clarified that. I just mean that you could have low HCG levels which is what the pregnancy tests look for to test positive. Try taking prenatals with extra folic acid to supppment and keep waiting and testing.

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