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is it worth it to buy tens machine for labour? thanks
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I would say no from my personal experience. It just irritated me then right at the end of labour I didn’t even know it was still there. If you’re going to though, hire one rather than buy one cause obstetric ones are expensive and you can’t just use a normal one

I would say yes for the start of the contractions but as above comment I didn’t notice it was even there as they got more intense x

I had one but I never used it

You can rent one. That’s what I will do x https://babycaretens.com/products/elle-tens2-6-week-hire.html?gad_source=1&gclid=Cj0KCQjw2a6wBhCVARIsABPeH1uYsoZQRFcJtXdC09JPXfCtf1OFJapF5EghqOy78Rl8Dh6joAO2aj8aAhtLEALw_wcB

For me 100%, I used it with my first labour and will definitely be getting it again. It was amazing for contractions, I kept it on until I was in the delivery suit but it got me to around 7cm with moderate pain and I was able to get some rest at the beginning. I’d recommend renting one so you have the option and see if it works for you or not x

100%! I used mine from the start and didn’t need anything else. I loved it. I bought the maternity one from boots for around £40 xxx

Rented both times and didn't use it both times 🤦🏻‍♀️

Mine was a life saver, but I got it from the hospital during Labour.

I didn’t buy one as it was cheaper to rent. It really helped me and I would recommend using a tens machine hands down

I found it super helpful but don't buy one just rent it

I had 30 hours of contractions at home before going to the hospital and I loved my TENS machine (cheap boots one). Whilst it’s cheaper to rent one, if you’re going to have multiple babies it’ll be cheaper and easier to just buy one in the long run. It’s only intended to work in the early stages so it’s important you get it on as soon as you can really.

I was in labour for 48 hours and the Tenns machine was amazing! I used it right up to being fully dilated! I couldn’t have done it without it, the pain relief just made me sick so this helped with the pain, hit the boost button every time a contraction comes. I only bought one as planning on having more babies ☺️ but renting is a good option.

I hired one and I found that it definitely helped. I would suggest hooking yourself up to it in the early stages of labour rather than waiting until you are in established labour

On Amazon you’re able to actually rent it for 7 weeks

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