Combination feeding problems

Hey all, I've been breastfeeding and expressing a small amount of milk once a day as I struggle with pumps and hand expressing but LG is on the boob every 30 minutes to an hour and its a little much for me to deal with, especially at night. We introduced a formula top up, and we've tried two different brands, Cow & Gate and Aptamil, and both of those she's projectile vomited about 10-15 minutes after finishing. We pace feed and burp regularly through the bottles, sometimes 3 or 4 times. Does she just need time to adjust to the formula as she's only having it as a top up once a day, or could it be an allergy/intolerance? To add, I'm lactose intolerant so I don't know if that's would affect anything, but no midwife or HV has said it would be a problem 🤷‍♀️😬 anyone experienced similar and have any tips? Myself and my nipples would be very appreciative 😅
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I'm in a similar boat to you - having to top up with formula sometimes because bab is so hungry! I tried Hipp Organic and it made her super gassy and reflux-y. We then tried SMA and she's tolerated that pretty well! We gave her lots of breaks and burps too. I think if it happens again to your little one it's worth going to the GP/HV about lactose free formula?

I was in the exact same situation as you!! I just couldn’t rely on my breast milk for baby anymore as it got draining so I started with cow&gate, he was throwing up often at the start and my midwife told me it’ll be nothing to do with the milk. But I also regularly burp through my little ones bottles and alot of people (mums) have told me that they wait till half the bottle is done then they burp then give baby the rest and it has stopped the vomiting quite alot but not completely of course.

Something about feeding them and then moving them so much to burp them causes them to throw up? I’m not 100% with how true that is but I guess it kind of makes sense ? So Iv recently been burping less and it’s helping a lot !

@Amber hmm perhaps we'll try SMA as a last resort then! If not yeah I'll definitely have to ask about possible lactose free stuff, thank you 😊

@Holly I am so glad I'm not the only one 😅 feel like I'm letting her down sometimes! My partner was burping her only once just halfway through the bottle but she was still sick with that, even with sitting her upright for 15-20 mins after finishing the bottle before laying her down anywhere, so we're kind of stumped on that one 🤷‍♀️😩

We’re combi feeding and using Kendamill. It seems to be working well and baby is fine with both! We’re using mam size 0 teats and she’s taken well to that and has no issue latching to me to feed so we’re pretty happy with this 💗

@Alix I promise your not alone, the guilt can be so bad sometimes it’s horrible but we’re all trying our best 💖 and I get you my baby still throws up quite often even laying him on his back an hour or 2 after a feed he still does but just try and remember it won’t always be so complicated!

I top up with kendramil and it's been great x

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