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My daughter is now 6 and a half months old.. the last 3 weeks her day time naps have been all over the place. She usually still goes down to sleep at around 7/7:30pm and goes through the night until 7/8am.. but with her naps all over the place in the day I am struggling to fit in her 5 bottles as usual. She is now only having 4 bottles of 6oz.. we have started solids 2 weeks ago.. any advice? - should I try upping her bottles to 7 oz if she is only having 4? - is there a sleep regression at 6 months? - anyone else’s little ones struggling with day naps? Won’t even have a contact nap anymore or out in the pram. I seem to spend more time settling her to sleep than what she is actually asleep! Picture of little one enjoying her dinner ( any tips for getting orange sauce out of blonde eyebrows will also be very helpful 🤣)
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So cute

How many naps is she taking? May be time to drop a nap if she's fighting naps. You can try increasing oz or just shortened the time in between the bottles but the main thing is overall oz (there's charts online for formula or breastmilk) and enough wet diapers

Maybe try 3 bottles but increasing the ounces? At that age my little girl would have a bottle in the morning around half 7 then another at 12 I would give a meal at 4 then another bottle 7 which was her bottle to sleep. Your daughter could be ready to drop a nap. I would reccomend increasing the oz in each bottle and she should then go longer between bottles. I wouldn’t stress if she doesn’t drink the full amount as she’s learning to take what her body needs x

So solids can actually disrupt sleep 🙃 it's a huge myth that it makes it better as they start to learn how to digest something other than their purely liquid milk. There is a 6 month sleep regression too. And it tends to be around them figuring out their new nap schedule as they should start to consolidate naps. So those 30-45 minute naps can start to be twice as long but that means the total number of naps will need to be cut down. As for bottles you can try increasing the oz or you could decrease and do an extra bottle. It really depends on the child what they want. But as long as she's hitting the minimum amount of milk a day it's not a huge worry.

I dropped from 5 bottles to 4 and upped the ounce instead 😊

My LO’s naps went loopy when we started weaning too! I think it can be caused by digestive issues- eating solids is all new to their bodies and it can cause some tummy upset for a while when they’re first learning how to digest it but it should sort itself out after a while. As for the eyebrows, my HV literally recommend putting Vaseline on LO’s cheeks to act as a barrier 😂 so I guess it would work on eyebrows too? It’s amazing how much food they can get on their face when they’re having such small portions!

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