I know it’s too soon for a routine as such but I was wondering what everyone’s 7 week olds routine is like? Particularly evening/during the night xx
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Through out the day he kinda rules 😂 sleeps when he’s tired tummy time when he’s more active and feed when he wants. At night we get into bed at nine feed till 930 then he sleeps till 330ish then goes back to sleep at 4 then wakes at 630/7 ish… every other night we do bath time and when we go to bed it’s lights out only a little night light and white noise. Been trying to do this since 3 weeks he’s now 7 weeks and when it hits nine ish he won’t settle downstairs only in bed 🫶🏻

@Georgia I literally came on the app to see if any feb baby mums had asked about routine and not only did I come across this post straight away but mine and your baby’s have the exact same ‘routine’ (even down to the part of him ruling during the day 😂) This is so helpful. 🙌🏼 I assume we just wait a few more weeks then the naps during the day will become more structured like the night has 🤔 at the minute it’s his world and I’m just living in it 😂

@Carla honestly he rules the roost during the day! I’ve heard day should get more structure at 9 weeks?!? So hopefully then we can crack a day routine too! We’ve got this mumma!! 🫶🏻

@Georgia oh this sounds so similar to my girl 💗 During the day I’m so relaxed and just go with it haha! But bed time bottle of 5oz is usually 10/10:30. Then she will wake at 2/3ish have another bottle till 6/7 and then go back to sleep for anything from an hour to two hours! She is the EXACT same with not settling in the front room. I put her to bed in her cot from 8:30/9pm as she no longer wants cuddles at that point xx

Nice to read cos our 7 week old's routine is quite similar, apart from we haven't got a fixed bedtime cos depends on that last nap and when they last fed.

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