Did I say May??

May 21st baby possibly into an early april baby 😭
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That is a difference, but you get to see them sooner 😊

Are you being induced x

Me too😭😭😭 pls message me!! X

High bp, might have to yeah induce 😫

Don’t say that 😭 that’s my due date & boy do I want her to come later rather than sooner 🙈🙈 congratulations on your bundlee!! 🫶🏽🫶🏽

May 24th right here 🤰🙋🏼‍♀️

As someone whos also got high bp, i can assure u it takes a LOT for them to want to induce before 37 weeks😅 im over here on bedrest rn because they cant up my blood pressure medications safely without possibly killing the baby (could cut off oxygen and blood flow to the baby) but i get pressures up towards having seizures and strokes... but somehow the babies alright atm so they wont induce.😅

I was induced bang on 37 weeks last time. It's ok! I have had many friends induced slightly before this too and if it's safest for you and bubba they will do it. X They will likely hold off as long as possible

@Marissa oh my gosh ya see yesterday my OBGYN said she wont up it and if baby needs to come at my next apt she would rather him be born safely at 34 weeks, than risk trying to keep him in. But his size is in my favor (hes measuring 2.5 weeks ahead)😫 praying for you!

that’s my due date also! 🥹

Also due 21st 🥰

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