Postnatal depression

Can you get postnatal depression after a few years or is it only after you give birth. I feel like iv had it since my wee one was born 3 1/2 years ago but I have boned with her I don’t know if it’s just maybe because I have depression anxiety, ptsd and ocd. Thanks
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My mum had postnatal and it had nothing to do with her bond with me. She felt completely in love and bonded with me. She just felt alone and like everyone else was against us. She sought help. So maybe reach out to some assistance :)

I have an appointment tomorrow with the mental health nurse xx

Good luck! Post partum can last up to seven years.

Oh really I didn’t know that xx

@Mee you're joking - right?

I was like wtf when I heard that!!!!!!! Also there needs to be more research on women's health. Like how many decades did it take to finally find the gene that causes nausea in pregnancy. 😔

It can come on months or years later ! Hope you get to feeling better soon ❤️

Definitely - I was fine till my LO was 1.5 years old, then became ill, as did my friend when her LO was between 1-2 years old. Hope your appointment with the MH nurse went well x

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