Second pregnancy and so over my toddler’s preference for me

I feel bad writing a title like that but I am feeling so ragey over the lack of time I have for myself- if I’m not working, sleeping or washing I’m with her and it’s insatiable- I feel smothered and terrified at the prospect of having two to look after. My daughter has a strong preference for me and doesn’t want me out of her sight- I don’t know how much more reassurance I can give. Any tips welcome.
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I feel you 💜 I’ve been preferred for so long now too! Almost 3 and still sometimes has a STRONG preference for me…

If it helps, I have the opposite problem and my little one will push me out the way to make room for daddy and it breaks my heart. I'm not saying I'd like to be needed all the time as it's exhausting. But when you're the one who has done everything for them for so long but don't get the love back it's really hard.

We’ve gone from my daughter only wanting daddy to do bedtime and any (many) overnight wake-ups to the opposite now. The daddy phase lasted about 6 months and it was horrible because if I went in during the night to try and settle her, she would scream. Now it’s suddenly flipped in the last month and if my husband tries to go in during the night, she has a tantrum which can go on for up to an hour and can happen several times a night. It’s exhausting. She’s two tomorrow and we’re trying a new thing which is to explain very clearly everything we are doing in advance and why so she doesn’t get caught off guard and is then unsettled. We’ve got no idea if it’s going to work but we’re desperate! I think it must be something to do with pregnancy though as I’m 29 weeks, we’re just trying to give lots of reassurance and stick to routines

So appreciate all of your responses- it’s so hard isn’t it!?

My girl prefers me specially when it’s poop, nap, bed time. I’m slowly letting my husband take the responsibility, I hear she scream but he is learning to find the way to distract her. It’s kinda frustrating to hear her cry at times, at the end at last I give in n sooth her to sleep. But overall bedtime routine we r making husband do it so she gets the hang of it. Sadly only I have that magic power to put her to bed, I have cried few times coz my body isn’t allowing me to be actively present mum. Overall she is quite independent during the day time. She prefers me more but isn’t that bad with her dad either

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