I don’t even know how to explain this

I’ve been feeling like my husband has been pretending to be asleep in the mornings, for hours. Today I am so certain I heard him laughing in the bedroom, but when I went to check he was asleep. The cat bowl also had food in it that I did not put in it. We had 2 of the same kind of drink in the fridge when I woke up and later in the day,before he was up, there was only one. I did not drink it. I feel like I’m going crazy and it almost feels like that’s his goal? If he was lying to me about being asleep then why do things I would obviously notice?
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Wtf.. have you asked him about it? Maybe he’s doing these things in his sleep?? 😂 it’s a weird one, why would he pretend to be asleep

Check baby monitor for movement lol

If he is doing those things? Do you have a new baby? Or kids? Is this new behavior? Is it everyday? Does he work overnight? Because this sounds like he’s trying to make you feel not just insane but to question your reality… If so I would confront him? Because one thing is getting up doing stuff and going back to bed but pretending to sleep straight through…. Weird

If he was doing it in his sleep I would see!! We live in an apartment. We have a new 5 week old baby, he’s never done anything like this before. I told him if it’s not him then I’m going to the hospital and he’s telling me I’m being dramatic but call my doctor if I want

My ex husband when we had my first, he took a night job to avoid helping with the baby. And he would not just sleep in but pretend for HOURS and not help with the newborn… he might be doing that… just avoiding helping you and being an ass about it. You aren’t crazy for being observant

Whatttt… set up a camera

Or even voice record on your phone to hear any movement.

whattt' girl please keep us updated 🤣

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