Lowering cot dilemma!

How on earth do people get their baby in and out of a big cot once its on the lowest setting?! Ive tried fully reaching over but little one wakes up instantly as its like he’s falling. Cant seem to find any companies who do drop side cots?!
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I put him down awake then settle him in the cot

Following cause SAME every time i try to set him down he wakes up

I had to lower into a big cot last week when only ever used a next to me before. My tactic was a gently bounce before she as I was lowering then hand on chest.

Following as this is coming soon for us and I already struggle!

I also struggle with this- I use my hands to rock her while she is on her back and that helps settle her a bit! Works sometimes 🫠

I have a pillow step beside the cot to boost myself. My girl is learning to be laid down then rolls onto her side. It's almost expected now

How old are they? If they can't stand or climb yet then raise the bottom. I put my LG in awake and she settles herself, or if she's not feeling great or had a bad dream then I settle her through the bars. You can't get drop side cots anymore due to it being very dangerous. So many kids dropped it on themselves and injured themselves or worse so they stopped making them.

I was lowering my LO asleep a couple times and she rolled in my arms half a foot before I reached the bottom 🤦🏻‍♀️. I almost fell in but she just stayed asleep 🤷‍♀️

Make sure baby stay warm (we use sleep bags) and bum touches the mattress first. I short so it's a struggle. I have to lean back to get her legs over the side 😩 xx

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