Just a friendly reminder you dont need to be in a routine yet!

Sooo many posts at the min asking how to get baby to sleep through the night, or to share routines etc. Totally get that we all want some normality back and we all need a hell of a lot more sleep but these babies are still sooo small and most are not able to have a fixed routine yet- their hormones just arent there yet! So please dont torture yourself- night feeds and wakings and contact naps and no routine is still 100% normal and appropriate at this stage- it will come in time I promise- dont compare yourself to what you see online ❤️❤️❤️
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This is so lovely ❤️❤️ very very true, no need to compare they will naturally go into their own little routines

So true! Reality is far from what is on social media these days

Love this❤️❤️ I say enjoy the irregular days and go with the flow - before we know it they wont be babies anymore🥲❤️

The only routine we have set in place is in the evening after we have had dinner, we will give bubs a bath at some point, and after this, the lighting will dim. That's it. That's our routine. We do it to signal that is nearly time for sleep. But there is no specific time we do this, because she's only 9 weeks old. She sleeps when she is tired and as she is ebf, she is offered food alllllllll the time lol! But as for timings, we live by her clock for now.

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