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Currently breastfeeding and no longer pumping. It takes to long and requires to much bags being stored. ANYONE ELSE??
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How did you build your supply? 😩

@Lauren lactation cookies

@Lauren ad milk

@Lauren it starts off as the yellow colostrum stuff and then after maybe 6 days to a week that’s when the milk will come in

@Cheyenne what kind of cookies did you get/make?

@Lauren I had bought them from Walmart

My midwife and my baby's pediatrician both told me to stop pumping at 2 weeks. I had too much milk.

I tried to pump after a feed, but never found time after burping and either entertaining or trying to get to sleep. I need 4 hands 😅

I feel you on the pumping. I was just going to pump and store, but realized my kiddo was taking in too much air with the bottle. Plus I was finding it draining to feed with a bottle and then every 2-3 hours pump. I did like that I was able to measure how much my baby ate per feeding, but I feel a little more free just breastfeeding and not pumping. I know when I go back to work, the pumps will be back to work.

@Cheyenne how many lactation cookies do you eat a day? They’re really expensive a 8 pack at Walmart is almost 20$ :(

@Willow I eat probably like one pack of cookies and won’t eat more unless I was pumping or sometimes when I was pumping I would eat them while I pump but them lactation cookies will fill your breast up when I say it hurts it will hurt

@Jackie DITTO

Yea I have over 120 ounces in the freezer so I’m just trying to only breastfeed her because I’m mentally over washing bottles and pump parts

Yes I’m only 6 days PP and I have over 30 oz stored only started pumping for 3 days it’s a lot of bags and bottles just taking up a lot of space

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