Anyone else??

I keep seeing loads of people talking about wake windows, leap 4 etc and calculating how long baby is awake/asleep for - is anyone else just winging it or am I the only one? 😅 I just feed baby when they need it and if they seem sleepy then they may sleep but also may not and I'm just going with it 🤷‍♀️
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I do naps at kinda set times but I haven’t got the foggiest what all these leaps are 😂

I know he'll be sleepy after his second feed in the morning but that's where it ends really 😅 I'm glad you are lost with these leaps as well 🤣

I did it all with my first, timing naps, time between naps, fretting over leaps etc. This time I’m going much more with the flow. He sleeps when he wants, feeds when he wants and as much as he wants (ebf). He currently sleeps 12 hours a night (9-9) occasionally waking at 6-7am for a quick feed. Unless he turns into a grump or his night time sleep gets disrupted I’m just going to keep following his signals.

Def not the only one- there was a huge thread about this the other day! As I commented there I do track sleep and feeds purely because my memory is destroyed and I could never remember things when asked by HV etc and the wake windows have helped me to get her sleeping through the night but the leaps dont interest me at all. To each to there own- whatever works or doesnt work- no approach is better

I live each day as it comes by

🙌 much easier. Just roll with what the baby wants and needs x

I have never recorded anything, have no clue about leaps and go with the flow 😂 my son wakes two three times a night to feed so not sleeping through. And he will not take a bottle at all so I've no choice but to ebf.

I kind of wing it, but mine normally has 2.5hrs between naps. I also use insta for rough guidance. Here's one i use for routines;

There's no evidence for a lot of this stuff. I just follow baby's lead.

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