Allowing other People to kissing your babies?!?!

Am I wrong for not wanting people I don’t see on a daily basis to kiss my 6 month old baby.
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Why would you get a lot of hate for that

no hate here!! keep them dirty lips away from your baby lol

@Kayleigh Girl because some people get very offended apparently

@Faith yes it’s like I don’t know where you have been

let them be offended!!!! it's your baby

My daughter is 3 and a half and the only people that kiss her are me and her dad so no you’re not wrong! Too many germs around for their little immune systems. I don’t care who you are or how offended you get, my child’s wellbeing comes above you being butt hurt 🤷🏻‍♀️

My son is 2 and no one is allowed to kiss him still

@Shelly @Brenda how did you ladies word it maybe I’m just not getting it through them properly 😂

I have tried the please and thank you flat out telling them and nothing works

Why would you get hate? I am confused by that statement. This is your child yes? Your child, your rules! I don’t like anyone kisses my son, i have had big blow up fights with my family about this and i couldn’t give a rip. The consequences of people outside the family kissing him are not worth it! Stand your ground, deliver the boundary with firmly but with respect and if they get upset that’s not your problem.

Not at all !!! You dont know where they’ve been ( in the most respectful way)

@Kate because a lot of people are raise different and see that kissing the baby isn’t a bad thing that is a sign of love and I see that too but I’m not going to risk her health just because people won’t respect that boundary. I was raised Hispanic and my mom is the one with the issue. I have told her that if I were to leave the baby with her just make sure nobody kisses her and she says I need to stop being like that and make sure I have wipes ready to clean her when people are done spending time with her.

I have had to say that if people can’t stop themselves from wanting to kiss her then they should be around her and my mom is my best friend. But even she has a hard time understanding that rule.

You won't get hate for it here. That question gets asked on peanut all the time. I personally don't get why people think it's okay to kiss others babies, let alone argue with parents about it. Babies can get terrible skin conditions from being kissed. You could tell them it's for your child's protection as their immune system is still developing. If they argue, get them to Google pictures of the consequences. Be firm! Protect your little one.


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We have planned to take our 3 month old to my husbands home country to visit his entire family. (3rd world but we’ll be staying in a resort). I’ve said I don’t want anyone kissing our baby - and he said culturally that’s what they will ALL do. (Including pinching his face to make him cry - but that’s a whole different issue!) He said it doesn’t matter how many times you ask them not to, they will keep kissing the baby. When he saw I was visibly upset, he suggested we just stay in the resort and not see his family. Which to me seems rude to go all that way then hide in the resort, or why bother 😬 I’m so torn with what to do. I’m thinking of going? But holding onto the baby the whole time and using the excuse of “he needs to feed shortly” …. any suggestions welcome!

You are not wrong at all. I'm going to feel the same. People should know better. Hell, I used to feel weird just holding other people's babies/toddlers. Actually, I still do. So to kiss them is wild to me.

No not at all. Pregnancy and babies seem to make people cross all sorts of boundaries. I really can’t comprehend it. I say put your walls up and don’t feel bad about it.

I only let myself and her dad give kisses and it will be that way until she can consent herself.

Only close family members can give my son a kiss on the cheeks

@Tash you could go and husband can explain to family that kissing the baby is medically and culturally inappropriate by your standards. If they don't respect the boundary then you can just stay at the resort. You will have given them the opportunity to spend time with the baby that way and it's on them if they forsake it knowing the conditions. In future they will know your boundaries are to be respected.

No, I hate that my MiL still kisses him even after my husband has spoken to her about it nearly every time we visit. Makes me really dislike her.

@Grace my MIL I believe doesn’t really like me so she does things to upset me sometimes it’s so frustrating. I have seen her kiss the baby and I speak to my fiancé about it and he is like I spoke to her already. I am at the point where if next time she holds her and kisses her I will remind and if she kisses her again you have officially lost holding her privileges. At the end of the day US moms are going to be taking care of the baby. Not our MILs if they get sick. That’s why I’m in the don’t kiss her phase and I have been having issues

Do not feel bad AT ALL. When my daughter was six months. I’d had a conversation with a grown woman (my mums age). About people feeling entitled to kiss babies. When she next saw my daughter she made a point of saying “I will kiss you”. She kissed my daughter on one cheek despite our previous conversation 🙄. My daughter then developed a rash that lasted around a month. So I decided to send out a text (just her). Worded “hi everyone, I’m not sure who kissed Ella but she has now developed a rash on her cheek, dr has prescribed (a lie). So please do not kiss my daughter. As I don’t know where it came from. Said person apologised in a im so sorry that happened way. I can guarantee you that she will NOT be kissing my daughter ever again 😠 If you struggled. Just send out a message like “hey everyone, there have been reports of babies contracting herpes from a cold sore kiss, please don’t kiss my baby as she still young and susceptible to germs. Thanks in advance.

@Haych I will go that route! Maybe that will stop people from kissing her

Bhahahahahha I LOVE IT

@Abigail I agree, I have to take care of the sick baby for 7-14+ days of whatever virus they catch. Ugh they can be so annoying!

Are you talking about strangers or grandparents? I think it's weird y'all won't let your own parents give the baby a kiss on the head or cheek or whatever.

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