Are my waters slowly leaking and am I in early labour?

This is gonna sound strange but I need some advice. I’m 34 weeks and 6 days pregnant and I have started having random wet patches in my underwear after I’ve been walking around a lot ; it isn’t urine or discharge or sweat and I don’t really feel water leaking when I’m walking i just realise I’m soaking wet when I’m stood still and I go to the toilet to check and I don’t know if my waters are leaking slowly or if it something else. Has this happened to anyone else? Or does anyone have any advice or knowledgement of this? Bare in mine just a couple hours ago at about 6pm yesterday I was in a lot of pain and every time baby starts doing really big and fast movements I had horrible sharp pains in my vagina and now every time I try get up even just to walk to the bathroom I have so much pressure in my vagina and lower back and it hurts to walk and bend down so I have no idea if I’m in early labour or what is going on.
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Hey Kally, if you haven't done already I'd definitely be calling/heading to triage to get checked over x

@Mary yeah I’m going to call up and see what they say thank you x

My waters started trickling on Sunday at 35+2 and I had my little boy Monday morning. My waters were odourless and didn’t smell and come in gushes. They say to put a pad on and lay down for 20-30 minutes and when you stand up if you soak a pad within seconds then it’s possibly your waters. I phoned triage and they asked me to in to be checked and I was already 2cm dilated an hour or so after they broke x

Phone maternity unity they can do a swab to check to as they thought mine had gone and the swab confirmed they hadn’t x

Call triage, they can do a swab or a scan to check your waters. I had this but turned out to just be watery discharge but worth getting checked. I can sometimes soak through a pad, knickers and leggings at times x

@Kaylee yeah that’s what I had I went and got checked and That what it seemed to be just been told to rest aswell to Ease the pain x

@Kally it's so strange as I was the complete opposite with my first daughter, zero discharge at all to the point it was rather uncomfortable. This time I feel like I'm constantly wetting myself but it's not wee 😂🙃

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