Ttc w Mucinex?

Has anyone had any success stories with using Mucinex??severel friends and tiktok and a Obgyn nurse recommended I try it but idk.. Has anyone actually had any success with it?
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Following because I’m from the UK and don’t know what it’s called in the UK lol x

@Jess I think it’s Sudafed

I have a girlfriend that swears by it. She says that the Mucinex helps with the discharge when TTC

I am from the UK and really want to know if this works as heard about it a lot on this app and online has mixed reviews. How could we get it in the UK and when do you take it?!

@Jess I think the closest in UK is Robitussin - anything with guafenisen

Also I live in uk now but am in the states now, stocking up on it and used it for this cycle. Will let y'all know

@Avani yay!! Sending lots of baby dust your way 🥰

try Iherb guys, they sell mucinex and ship to UK xx

@Kanika try iHerb they ship mucinex to UK x

I really want to try this. Being diabetic I am a bit worries about the sugar in cough syrup. Would the tablets work the same?

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