Fertile and taking clomid.

Okay so i just had a question. Has anyone taken clomid even if u are naturally able to ovulate and get pregnant?
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Following because I take my last clomid pill tomorrow and praying it works this month.

Doctors typically won’t prescribe it if you aren’t having ovulation issues….

If you are ovulating it won't be prescribed

I took my last pill on the 24th so I’m hoping I’m pregnant. I tried to have sex the day Flo predicted ovulation and the day research says clomid makes you ovulate which is 5 days later

Currently in my TWW but having very weird symptoms, I don’t know exactly which day I ovulated so I’m between 8/9 Dpo. Symptoms are stuffy nose, body aches, chills that come and go (I’m freezing and trying to keep myself warm)

If you are fertile and ovulating, then you won't need clomid. Clmoid is only used for those who don't ovulate as its used to stimulate the ovaries and make the follicles grow in order to release an egg. Don't take medication if you don't need it...

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