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We’ve been referred to the fertility clinic and based on where we live it’s the one in Sheffield. I looked on my NHS app randomly a few weeks ago and saw the referral that says if I don’t hear anything by 4th April to call the clinic (I only saw that by chance though because I was looking at something else) I’ve not heard anything so I’m guessing I can phone tomorrow. I’m hoping someone will help give me an idea of what they’ll do next and if there are any strict rules to follow. I’ve already had a bunch of blood tests by my Dr that came back fine and my partner has had his sperm tested which also came back ok. I’m hoping to find someone who is also getting treatment from Sheffield because I know each area has different criteria etc to follow. I’ve been told they’ll refuse to see us or do any further testing because my partner smokes and drinks a lot. When I mentioned this to him he basically said he will not be quitting for this so I’ll just need to deal with it which I can understand he doesn’t want to stop what he enjoys but am I going to end up not being able to get further testing etc because of this. Thank you 😊
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I'm under the fertility clinic in Sheffield and happy to answer any questions if you want to message me

@Hannah Thank you 😊

Not sure about Sheffield, but I know the clinic here won’t touch either of you if you smoke or drink. Their rules are you are not allowed to have nicotine or alcohol the entire time you are under them.

@Rebecca I’ve heard that and that’s what’s worrying me. Do you know how long you have to go without before they’ll see you? I really hope it’s not the case for everywhere, it will bring my journey to an end because my partner will not stop 😞

I’m not sure exactly, I think they like you to not smoke etc 3 months prior but I think aslong as you’re stopped before a first appointment it might be okay? Also if he won’t stop for a few months until you guys can be seen and conceive a baby then that’s really selfish of him!!

@Rebecca yeah there’s no way he’ll stop both even for a few months, he gets face on whenever I’ve mentioned it but that’s because he had his two kids with previous women without even trying and didn’t have to stop then so why should he now 🤷‍♀️

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