What words are your babies saying 🥰

My almost 13 month old is saying duck, quack, bubble, pop, mama, dadda, nana, yes, no, Ted (dog), cheese, baah & moo. To be honest, a lot of them she’s learnt in the last 5-7 days!!
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My little boy said Dadda today and pointed at his dad 🥹. That's his first proper word. We are still babbling x

My daughter is not saying much as yet in the way of real words. She can say Daddy and Cheers 😂

Mama, dada, no, yeah, nana, bubba and a load of baby talk too 😂 x

We’re still babbling too but he uses dada regularly

Dadda and hiya are the only words he’s really using but babbling so much with so much varying intonation he’s clearly trying to talk a lot. But not many real recognisable words

Good to know that dada is a firm fave with the 1 year olds, my little one can say quite a few words but all day every day it’s mostly shouting dada and daddy at the top of his voice 😂

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