Baby top teeeth?

If you have a baby just getting top teeth coming through can I see them? Trying to see if my baby might have something going on. He has appt made but it’s weeks away.
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Does it look like a bubble or like a puffy ball over the gums?

@Belinda No it’s actually not the teeth themselves worrying me it’s that he had a thin piece of skin attached very low in between his teeth on his gums. Is that normal

Do you have a pic?

I worked in a dental office for 3 years so I'm going to ask some follow up questions if that's OK

1. Has it always been this low? Did you have any issues while breastfeeding or latching? 2. Has anyone ever mentioned having to get a possible frenectomy for your baby at any point?

So I just got off the phone with the pediatric dentist I used to work for and he said there's a 50/50 chance that as the teeth grow out it could move up or it could stay that low. He said if it stays that low they should perform a frenectomy (where they just snip that little piece of tissue off) but is its causing issues now with breastfeeding or drinking then maybe to make it easier on both of you, you should consider the frenectomy. Feel free to message me directly if you have any questions. :)

Oh I just remembered another thing he said... he said instead of pushing the lip up pull it out (away from the face) to see how constricting it actually is... he said that would give a better idea of how much room the actually have.

@Belinda Tha k you for your help. I’m going to check that out tomorrow.

You're welcome! It was my pleasure to help

@Belinda I’m able to pull the lip out some. It’s tethered of course but there’s space between

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