I haven't been giving my baby proper cheese, just bits here and there of the cheese i use. What cheese are you giving your little one? Could i also get a picture for reference? I'm not sure if their cheese needs to be more fatting like homo milk
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I still haven’t been giving my daughter any cheese really. Just pieces of blocked marble cheese or cheddar cheese but she isn’t very interested in it. —& no melted cheese at all because I think she’ll choke lol.

@Mackenzie i have given cheddar cheese mixed in pancakes but havent given individually either

I give her one small slice of marble Cracker Jack or Armstrong cheese every day. She LOVES cheese 😂

My daughter loves cheese, shes tried many kinds, but our go to is mozzarella and mild cheddar. She has cheese usually every day at afternoon snack but she sometimes asks for it by name. Definitely don't buy a low fat cheese for baby but all cheese has a decent fat content for them

I give what ever cheese I'm eating . She also likes cream cheese on toast and I sprinkle sesame seeds (everything bagel seasoning has salt and other seasonings besides just seeds so I don't use that)

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