Almost time?

I’m 40w4d and still no baby 😣 I know you can go till 42 weeks but I’m so frustrated. I’ve been having contractions for almost 24 hours now and I’m starting to think it’s just false labor and my body is getting ready. Which is a good sign in itself and I passed the mucus plug as well. Just ready to meet my boy and my patience is wearing quite thin 😭
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I feel you girl same here

I feel you!! You can always talk to your doctor about induction

41 weeks and I feel the same! False labor for a few days and it’s becoming so uncomfortable. I did the stress test today and there was so much more activity when I would sit up at a 90 degree angle or lean forward just the tiniest bit.

@Zara we talked about 41w induction and I said no I want to let my body go into labor naturally but will be monitored twice a week until 42 and then perhaps induction! As frustrating as it is I want to let my body and baby do its thing

@Kerry I really thought I was gonna have the baby because of how intense my contractions are getting! Literally any sitting or laying down it’s so intense. I hope things move along, wishing you luck

I had some pretty intense contractions for a couple days before I went into labor, I drank a glass of pineapple juice everyday, went for walks with hills and bounced on my yoga ball frequently whenever I could. She was born at 41w1d. Being patient is so much easier said than done, but your baby will be here so soon!! Good luck!

@Meagan I was in labor 🥺 I had my baby yesterday morning !

@Zoe congratulations!!!

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