Husbands birthday

I need all the ideas for my husbands birthday in two weeks, I don’t even know where to start in gifts, activities, crafts from our 19 month old 🤦‍♀️ I’ll take anything!
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What are some of his favorite things?

What is he into? I try to get my man at least one customized gift every year for keepsake❤️This years birthday I customized a birthday card/beer cup for him. Then along with just a simple piece item of his favorite brand clothing. The crafts from your 19 month old is sweet too!! A good home cooked steak dinner or breakfast doesn’t sound bad as well 😌

What are his interest and likes? Once you find that out, decide from there! My husband is into cars, video games, collects FunkoPops and I would get him something along those lost and/or some thoughtful gifts of my/our love to him.

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