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Me and my husband just had our first kid he is almost 2 weeks old during the day he is quite and calm and easy to put to bed he fusses every now and then but for most of the day he is easy. However at night it’s a different story he’s not loud and crying all night but he is talkative he makes noises while feeding, while changing him, while sleeping just all night cooing I have not found a way to make him stop and my husband is a super light sleeper and because of this he has been sleeping in a different room than me. He is the only one that is working and needs his sleep and he’s been so tired that he has been falling asleep while driving. I hate sleeping in a different room I miss being with my husband and now we only see each other for a couple of hours before we go to bed we don’t know what to do so please any parents that know what they are doing please try to give me some tips
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It’s normal for babies to be noisy during sleep and nighttime. I’m not sure how to get baby to quiet down but I have loop noise cancelling earplugs I use at nighttime because my partner snores and I am a light sleeper, they work great and it may help him be able to get more restful sleep in the same room

Try back ground music my baby is noise too

Try a white noise machine

Its possibly gas. Gas drops help if a lot of grunting and a gas massage. I also recommend white noise. Find one called brown noise as it's a more restful frequency then actual white noise and will help you all sleep better plus drown out baby noises until he actually cries to be fed.

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