B belly round out

Hi , anyone have any suggestions or recommendations or tips on how to round out a b belly ? Thanks in advance
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I've been eyeing up some leggings that I think may do the job! I'll let you know how they are when I get them 🤣

I hope we're talking about the same thing 🤣

I have a B belly and did through my whole pregnancy but like someone else said I found maternity leggings rounded me out so at least with clothes on I looked pregnant!

You can also get maternity tights to do the same thing

Over the belly underwear and leggings. Mine is finallyyyy starting to round out at 28w. Still got a bit to go

I lost my B belly at about 19-20 weeks, but before that a combination of high waisted knickers & over the bump leggings smoothed me out! Even now at 35 weeks this combo flattens my apron out too 🤣

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