Car seat recommendations, Joie or any other good brands

I’m looking at getting a Joie car seat for my girl next as heard they are one of the better makes. I feel a little overwhelmed in all the different models. I don’t mind whether it’s isofix or not, please could you let me know what model Joie seats you’ve got or looking at for the next stage up please. Or if not Joie, any other recommendations please. X
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Joie Stages gets good safety ratings for the price point! We’ve just bought the Axkid move which is on offer for £229 but I got it even cheaper with a welcome discount code for £213. It’s one of the few Swedish plus tested seats on the UK market making it one of the safest seats you can buy as it’s tested more stringently than to just our standards and regs, which for that price is really good. However it’s rear facing only. But while the Joie stages isn’t plus tested it’s great for both forward and rear facing til about 18kg (so around 4 years old). Not sure if you were planning to rear face for long (we are for as long as possible based on how much safer it is) and both Joie stages and Axkid move are great options. Avionaut sky is also a great option but starting to get pricier at £299 I think. All of these are seatbelt install too. Hope that helps x

I’m part of a Facebook car seat group which has taught me loads about this sort of stuff so maybe check it out and join if you like- it’s been really useful for me personally as I had no idea previously about rear facing and which seats were safe etc. x

It’s called Car Seat Safety Uk

I would go for the move or minikid personally! Will last until 5+ when a child is safe to turn around forward facing in an adult seat belt. Both have been Swedish plus tested. I’ve heard better things about the minikid for ease of installing etc, but it is more pricey x

To add to your confusion, I'd have a think about your car situation and if you're planning on having more babies. I think joie seats are quite bulky so take up lots of space on rear seats. Although if I were going to buy one I'd buy the every stage r129. The rear facing element is done on height rather than weight so I think you get longer rear facing than lots of other seats on the market which are 18kg. Assuming your child isn't really tall. My 2 are in axkid minikid 3s, superceded by the 4. I have an a6, so a big car, and I'm not sure how much of the "extra legroom function" we'll actually be able to use on the seats. So a long winded way of saying if I was buying from new I'd probably buy an avionaut sky. Again Assuming your child isn't huge If very big child Axkid minikid 4 Besafe stretch Or Britax do an up to 36kg seat too but I can't remember the name. Hooe that helps!

We have an axkid minikid 2 and I love it! Much better than my joie 360 x

We love Cybex and would really recommend their car seats, we’ve bought three for our cars and the grandparents!

Simply safe carseats are currently offering there axkid move for a discount price of £220! Rear facing too and Swedish + tested so one of the safest ones. You can find them on Facebook and it will link you directly too it. We have the axkid mini and really reccomend it x

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