Genetrace DNA test

Has anyone used generrace dna test what was your experience like with it how long did it take to get your results? Was it accurate?
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My Babydad Brought This Cuz He Didnt Think Our Child Was His . Yu Have 2 Different Packets One For Father & One For Child . Yu Swab Father Let It Dry Put In The Envelope Provided , Swab Child Let Dry & Put In Envelope Provided . Write All The Information Before Hand That It Ask On The Envelope . It Has A Prepackaged Shipping Label . Put Everything In & Send It Off . Turn Around Time Was Like 2-3 Days . I Forgot But It Was Quick ! Mines Came Back With The Correct Results . It Will Come Back Inconclusive If Yu Didn't Get Enough DNA On The Swab From Yur Child .

It Was Fine , Reg DNA Test 🤷🏽‍♀️ .

@Lizzy oh okay same my child’s father bought it because he doesn’t think the baby is his. We did the test on Friday and dropped it off the shipping stated that it should arrived at the facility yesterday. Just anxious to see how long it will take for the results to come. I’m hoping I swabbed my babies mouth enough as he started crying I didn’t do it the full 30 seconds so it wouldn’t irritate him. Hopefully I hear something back by tomorrow. I need these results so my BD can step up and do his part. Hopefully🤞

I Didn't Either , I Did It For Like 3 Secs As She Was Still A NB & It Said Not To Do It After The Baby Ate Which Was Hard Bc She Was Eating Every 30 Mins . And If I Fed I Would Have To Wait 1-2 Hrs . It Should Be Fast Honest . Test Took 2 Days To Ship To Them & 2 Days For Them To Test It . Yu Can Keep Looking Online For Updates . I Was Just Waiting So He Can Be Salty Asf Bc He Knew Dam Well That Was His Child .

@Lizzy same reaction I’m waiting for from him honestly if hasn’t done nothing since I’ve been pregnant and I’m just over it it’s either do for your child or sign your rights over. Oh wow I didn’t even read the instructions he had did and just told me I had fed him like 15 minutes before I’m hoping it’s good. Yea I’m going to ask him did it arrive at the facility since he wanted the power of being able to see the results first as he claim he bought it

Yu Should Be Able To Make An Account With The Code That Was On The Label . I Didn't Allow Him To Bc He So Dumb & So Slow He Wouldn't Have Even Notice The Result Was Done Until Weeks Later . But Yeah , If Yu Took A Pic Of That Code Go On The Website & Make An Account For Yurself .

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