Is anyone else’s almost 2 month old staying up for 5+ hours? Pretty sure it’s not normal but my daughter has been up since 11am and hasn’t taken a nap I know she’s tired she keeps yawning but she won’t take a nap I’ve tried everything to help her try and nothing is working I’m trying the cry it out method but it’s been almost an hour and a half and she’s still crying I’m out of ideas I even have music going so it’s not quiet which normally helps her
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Same boat here. I have tried breasfeed with white noise close or sometimes I use a carrier and go for a walk to make him fall asleep

Mine was sleeping from 7:30pm through to 4am from about 7 weeks. But during the day she is a terrible sleeper!! Hardly naps at all, gets maybe a 10-15min nap then wide awake again for the next 3-4 hours. She is definitely keeping me on my toes! Almost 12 weeks now and has been rolling onto her side since week 9/10. The other day managed to get her knees underneath her during tummy time and pushed herself forwards all the way off the play mat. 😳 lord help me when she works out how to crawl properly and walk!!

My baby was colicky and did this for 4 months 😱 then it got better

Your child could be overstimulated , (too much television, bright lights etc create a dark space for your little one and make sure it has no lights , no tv , turn your phone brightness down as this will disturb baby. And little ones that young don’t know the difference between night and day. Try and have patience also as this could be a sleep regression.

Other things. Put her in a swing (if you have). Put her in her pram and push her around your home she could fall asleep to the motion.

I know for my baby once she’s worked up it’s reallllllly hard to get her to sleep. I try and catch her before she starts to cry for a nap and I can get her to sleep within a few minutes usually

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