Possible food allergy symptoms or hayfever

Does anyone have a little one with hay fever? My little girl is 18months, she was diagnosed with CMPA at 3 months. Has failed the milk ladder and is still sensitive to cows milk, even foods that are just “may contain”. Recently she’s been sneezy a lot, had gunky eyes and a very runny nose. She’s also been quite unsettled and clingy, and nappies have been extra smelly. I give her piriton in the morning to clear up the snot/ eye gunk and at night as it gradually builds up through the day. Piriton does seem to help a lot which is why I think it might be an allergy, but unsure if it’s food related or hay fever? Or another allergy all together… just wondering if anyone has experienced similar and can shed some light
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My eldest has hay fever which has got better over the years (he’s 4 in a couple of weeks). He was allergic to eggs and peanuts, but overcome those, has environmental eczema and annual hay fever during spring and early summer (tree pollen is worse for him which is starting now). He hates the taste of piriton but it helps him get through the day. Last year we used it most days into summer then were able to stop. It’s worth having a chat with your GP about it. I also used to nanny a little boy with really bad hay fever and we couldn’t open his bedroom window during spring and summer, so his parents used an air purifier machine to remove airborne allergens - might be worth considering that?

@Sarah that’s great thank you! I didn’t think toddlers could get it this young 😫 it must be so sore for her I have hay fever myself and even I find it uncomfortable

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