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Have been getting very faint lines for the last few days and my fertility clinic didn’t get back to me in time for blood work today so I decided to take a digital test… after 3 previous losses I’m not sure how to feel yet. Any advice about navigating through all of the emotions that come with pregnancy after loss…? ❤️
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I’ve had multiple miscarriages and I’m currently 5 weeks preganant. I’m so terrified, but at the same time really happy. Here is some good reminders that I found that get me through each day: 1. Today I am pregnant and I love my baby 2. I am pregnant with a healthy, growing baby until told otherwise 3. My past is not my future and previous losses do not mean I will have future losses 4. Just because someone else is having a loss that doesn’t mean I will. Miscarriage is not contagious but fear can be 5. Hope does not make bad things happen. I cannot jinx my pregnancy by getting my hopes up or by telling someone about it 6. There is nothing I can change with worry. Worrying about what’s not in my control does not prevent it from happening 7. And if it happens again - god forbid - I know I can survive I read this to myself every morning. I hope it helps ❤️

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