am I the only one?

My son is going to be 8 months old tomorrow, and I am already starting to think of his birthday. I know it’s 4 months away, but time goes by so fast! I’m already thinking of ideas and themes. I’m beyond excited that he will be turning 1 soon, even though it breaks my heart seeing how fast he is growing. Is anyone else thinking of birthdays this early?
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yes i am haha 😂 im going to buy his decorations ahead of time

Lol nope you're not 🤣 we are already planning hers! Kinda have to so people can plan due to it being summer especially. Already got her date, theme and looking at invites.

Yes I am😂😂 And I have no idea for her first birthday, on the one hand she doesn't understand what does the party mean, that’s why I should not spend too much money this year, on the other hand the first birthday is important😂😂 So I am confused and happy to hear your ideas🤩

Yeah theme picked, deciding if we should do at home or a park, already have some decorations, and looking at invites.

I have a whole theme and Pinterest board started, haha. I don't want to spend a lot of money all at once. I love deals and saving money. So I plan to slowly get the things I need as I see them on sale or such.

My kid just turned 8 months a few days ago and I booked his 1st birthday party space over a month ago (first day I could reserve it). I already know the theme too. So you’re definitely not the only one!!

I actually bought the decorations today and I booked the lady for the cake and the photographer for his first birthday cake smash photos two weeks ago 😅

me too. already got the theme 🥹 excited but also don’t want him to grow up so fast!!

My baby is 8 months tomorrow as well and I’ve already started shopping for his party

Me too! It's exciting but sad to think she is growing up so fast!

Mine outside, so I'm hoping it won't rain xz

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