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My 3 month old can definitely hear as she startles to loud noises and enjoys certain noises but if anyone speaks/sings/says her name she wont look for them in tge direction of the sound. She will easily follow movement. Would you consider this normal?
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Following as mine does the same So far our theory is she's hearing us fine, just doesn't feel like reacting , little personality, but have been worrying its more than that

My 9 weeks old LB also does the same tomorrow I am planning to call my HV to get an appointment for hearing assessment for my baby.

They don’t know there name at this age so she won’t reach to that, Best things to do are use loads toys such as bells/rattles and shake them one side and move over the other, up high etc. do it when she’s happy and most awake and either during tummy time or while she’s happy on her back. Make lots of eye contact so she can see you but sounds like she’s got no hearing issues she’s just not used to practising following sound

They can be up to four months old when they respond to name. My boy, 9 weeks old does not respond to his name. A great activity for now is to get baby to track toy rattle or bells across body from one side to the other. Also tummy time. Cuddles are also a really important activity.

It’s still too early so it’s normal

Thank you all!

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