Epidural- is it really that bad?

Why is there so much negativity around use of epidural or any sort of medical intervention? Aren’t the doctors and nurses there to help? I keep reading this on social media on how no one at the hospitals listens to you and how horrible the epidural experience was and how bad it is for you and the baby. This is my first pregnancy and as much as I’d like it to be natural/unmedicated, I want to keep an open mind if things don’t go according to the plan.
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I had an epidural with my first. With my second I didn't ask for one until it was too late (doctor said by the time she put it in and he got there id have a baby lol) I think you're on the right track of just keeping an open mind. I think sometimes people run with a negative story or incorrectly assume that correlation equals causation and blame medicine for things that happen that really aren't the fault of the epidural etc. I'm sure you've read things like do your own research etc. there is plenty of scientific research on the safety and efficacy of getting an epidural that is done by reputable scientific sources.

Not trying to scare you but I decided to avoid hospitals completely after my traumatic birth with my son. Be your own advocate and do your research! There is so much I found out going the natural birth route this time around that I wish I would of known with my son

I had a textbook perfect induction when I went beyond 40 weeks at almost 40 years old first time around. The induction brought on contractions that were so strong and unnatural I needed the epidural and that went textbook too. It was a relief to get it and no issues although I wanted to do natural. I'll be in the same scenario this time around at 42 years old and on blood thinners.

@Lianne I was induced both times. My second was when I thought I could do it without an epidural and boy oh boy was that rough. I was like half out of my mind biting things lol but by the time I asked it was too late.

@Sara I think I may just assume I'll need one again!! Are you glad you were able to do it without?

I think it's different for every person sister got one and has a lot of pain now she also said it didn't work when she was birthing and she felt everything

@Lianne I had wanted to try without but was open to getting the epidural if needed. Idk if I'd say I was happy but it was definitely an experience I'm not sure what I'll do if I get induced this time around lol

Epidural was the best thing that ever happened to me. And I plan on doing it again & if I have another baby again .. it’s amazing stuff and idk how on earth I would’ve made it through without it.

I agree, for me, I’ve never given birth before but the medical staff see it happen every day. So I trust their judgement and that they will listen to me if i have a strong preference

It just depends on the person , I don't get epidural anymore due to where they put the needle made my lower back super sensitive

I think there's a stigma behind getting pain meds. Like your not strong enough if you have to get them. In the hospital you definitely need to speak up if you don't like something, because they will go right with whatever THEY usually do, it's OK to say no to things and to get clarification on what's happening. Everyone needs to do what's best for them. I'm on #6. I've never had an epidural because mentally I'm more afraid of that in my back. I had an IV shot with #1. And I felt so drugged so never again. This time I want to do laughing gas . Birthing is really mental you shouldn't have to be in so much pain, there are others ways to ease it so your comfortable.

I'm so glad I got an epidural for my first. I felt like I was able to be more present for the birth. I will definitely be getting it again for my second.

I think it depends on the hospital. There’s good and bad hospitals as with anything. My first birth experience was an incredible one but I went to a women and children’s hospital. I feel like going to a specific womens and children’s hospital is better than a regular hospital. I had an epidural even though I tried to go without one but it wasn’t a bad experience for me at least I know others are different. I did have tailbone pain afterwards that lasted a while but that was supposedly from the epidural.

My experience was not a good one but I think it was the doctors fault. I will not be getting an epidural again if I can help it, I’m one of the few w sciatic pain.

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