Antibiotic question!

So I’ve been having a sore throat for 7days now and is only getting worse went to urgent care this morning and the PA said it doesn’t look bacterial but he gave me antibiotics (Amox-Clav) and a steroid shot for the inflammation. The shot helped so much. But now im wondering if i should even take the antibiotics since they are for bacterial infections and he said my throat didn’t look bacterial. So confused😩 scared it will mess up my gut. Guess il just take probiotics after i finish the antibiotics.
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Honestly, I just had a horrible reaction like a severe allergic reaction to an antibiotic for a UTI and I personally after doing a lot of research about the fact that every time you take an antibiotic, it reduces your bodies, natural ability to fight infections. I would pass on the anabiotic and just gargle salt water. Take your probiotics, drink tons of water and vitamins ( like your daily’s) and see how you few days.

Colloidal silver is also a great alternative, I use it all the time and have not taken antibiotics in forever

@Egle where do you buy it? Can you only find it online?

Yes online as well as some stores. Whole Foods used to have it but they took a lot of supplements out recently and they didn't have it last time I checked but I found it at Natural Grocers

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