This day my baby has had reflux, she has had problems keeping food down, she has returned almost all of it since the morning and she was fine, but it seems that she is fine, she doesn't have any other symptoms. Has anyone experienced this?
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@Denisse (Dea) My baby girl has reflux since she was born and at about a month old (she's almost 3 mths now) she wasn't progressing growth/weight wise so our pediatrician put her on famotidine (basically baby pepcid). She still spits up occasionally but is doing so much better and she finally showed signs of a growth spurt at her 2 mth follow up. I also give her gripe water when she gets hiccups from time to time. Also, I try to burp her halfway through a feeding then finish and burp again and I keep her in an upright position for at least 15 minutes or longer if needed

I also have a reflux baby and she’s been taking famotidine for about 3 weeks. It’s definitely helped with the volume and viscosity of her spit up (more diluted with spit vs all milk). We also give her gas drops during the day and probiotics daily. Her growth has been at a healthy pace according to her doctor. Hope this helps

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