I’m currently 17 weeks pregnant and it’s my mother in laws first baby and she’s just came out saying once baby is born she’s staying with us for a while personally I don’t want that but she’s not listening to me please help
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Lol, lock the doors & close the curtains. 😂🙈

It’s husbands job to really get the point across to her.

Yeah it’s your husbands job to put his foot down if that’s what you want. The only thing I would keep in mind is your recovery. I had an emergency c-section with my first and had an 8 week recovery and needed all the help I could get.

Absolutely not - you set the rules on all of that! My biggest advice is state your rules, get your husband on board and stick with it! - it was the best thing i did! I also had an emergency c-section and the last thing i wanted was visitors in them early days - especially not anyone staying in my house - its a vulnerable and hard time as well has a very special time for you and your husband! Id stand my ground if i were you & deffo get your husband to deal with it xx

Nip that idea in the bud now otherwise she will keep going on. Say u will ask for help if needed at the time but no one will be moving into anyone’s house and you need your own private family time with the baby with no one else around

Iv put boundaries in place and she’s like this is my first grandchild like she never even asked me how I felt about it she just said I’m staying over once baby is born and to me that makes me feel my words aren’t being validated and being forced into a corner if that makes sense Iv told her if I need help especially if it’s a c section I will ask for it Iv told her no visitors till I’m up for it especially when I get home x

Ugh, I feel you. My MIL said that to me years before we were even pregnant. Your other half absolutely needs to put the boundaries in place. You have enough going on. The first few days can be so overwhelming when you have your first baby. This time is all about you, not her. Genuinely lock the door if you have to, let her fall out with you. Let the housework fall by the wayside, ask friends to drop off shopping, literally lock yourself in if that's what you want. Some people have great MILs, some don't. If yours is anything like mine, you absolutely need to your other half to take over and be firm. Honestly, I feel every single thing you've said in my very bones xx

Honestly that’s what I’m gonna do because I was very overwhelmed with my first so god know how I’ll feel after the second xx

Oh sorry I didn't realise this was your second. You'll be sweet. But she doesn't need to know that 😂😂

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