Boric Acid Vag Suppositories

Has anyone used this before? When is the best time to use it? Is it going to be bad to use this if I don’t necessarily “need it”. Idk I just bought it because I feel like it might help keep things healthy and balanced. How do you use it? Does it help you? This is so TMI. I’m VERY sensitive down there. Throughout my life I’ve struggled with UTI’s and Yeast infections so often it’s sad!! When I was younger (7/8) they found a small tear in my urethra that was causing the constant UTI’s and now I don’t get them that often anymore. But I still struggle with discomfort, burning/itching quite often… Mostly when I’m sexually active. When I’m celibate, I always feel so clean and healthy down there. I’m married and expected to have sex often at least once a week, and I really want to sometimes!! but I DREAD it because I know the discomfort and pain that comes after the fact for the next couple of days… I literally have to ice myself down there afterwards. So TMI. any tips or advice are very much welcome and appreciated. Thanks 🙏
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If you’re struggling with this I would definitely recommend not using those in also sensitive and it’s not comfy for us girls who are sensitive down there to use those or anything like that, I’d go see your obgyn if you are having that kind of issue after sexual relations

If you do decide to use it, I LOVE that brand and just use it as directed. I also LOVE their Flora Power ones. The only thing is that they say in their FAQs that you shouldn’t use while pregnant or breastfeeding. Not sure if either of those apply to you, but just in case!

I love these suppositories! If I ever don’t feel fresh down there or feel like my ph is off, I use one and any odor or discomfort is gone within 24 hours! I discovered boric acid suppositories about 5 years ago and have never looked back 😁

i use a different one and they’re the best, boric acid is good. it works for me at least. it’s recommended to put it in during night time since it’s best to not be standing up and no sec within 24 hours of using it i believe

Yes those work! I’d also recommend making sure hubby is straight from the shower when having sex.

Hi, as someone that also has the same EXACT problems as you.. I was also recommended boric acid by my obgyn.. especially since after having my daughter I also had chronic urethra cysts.. not fun. With that being said, boric acid is safe to use when used correctly. I was directed the best time to use it is right after your period with no sex for 48 hours. But, because it is boric acid (basically poison) you CAN NOT use when there are open wounds including cuts or scrapes. I will say It does help!! Hope this helps! But please also contact your pcp, or obgyn as they know you, your body, and lifestyle best!

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