Waking up during the night

My little girl (7 months) who use to be a good sleeper and sleep a solid 4-5 hours before waking for a feed now takes ages to settle and can wake up between 5-7 times a night. She is breastfed but I’m thinking of maybe giving formula before bed to see if that makes any difference. Has anyone tried this? Did it work?
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No help, but going through exactly the same!! Apparently there’s a 6m sleep regression because they’re growing again - that paired with leap 5/cranky phase I think just means we’ll be having a bit less sleep because we’re used for comfort with BF 🫣

Between 6-12 months sleep is dodgy! I have twins who are nearly 8 months I just thank the lord they are better sleepers than my other two were 😂I blame it on weaning, and they learn to do loads of new things between 6-12 months hang in their by the time they hit a year old they should be sleeping through the night 👍

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